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November 3rd, 2004

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11:29 pm - take a chance u stupid ho
shit you know, i worked my azz off for that man. no, not deantonni. im talking john fucking kerry. i treasure him. and john edwards! one time, we had a threesome in the back of the bus, cause thats how remy does it, in da back. now my dreams have been crushed. how can THAT man run MY cuntry?? remy does not approve! ya know i iz real poor and bush dont help me oine bit. montez and fifi have to eat dog chow (mainly cuz fifi's dad might be a golden retriver but thats another story). ok wellz anyway

i be recordin and skeetin and politicking and reading. last week i read the bible, the story of ruth, it really opened my heart. god is so fucking important to me. fat joe hasnt returned my calls in 2 weeks! fuck you joe. but last nite, me, demi, patrick, donald, frankie, omarosa, kelly clarkson, m.j, landon, rev camden, and condoleeza played scattergories at the parking lot of the shrimp hut. it wuz tite. afterwords, me, ruben, and clay had sex. except clay jus watched caue he sed he likes white boiz so i aint white or a boy so shit.

ok i gotta cut! byes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love and abortions
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Date:November 5th, 2004 01:30 am (UTC)
someones been lyin to american to make them vote for the monkey. i wont be able to stand 4 yrs of bush

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