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November 25th, 2004

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10:10 pm - happy turkey day!! gobble gobble (this pussy)
i love thanksgiving. i wokes up at 9 am this morning to make dinner! first i put the turkey in the oven. then i gots real excited over the crisco so i slathered up and masturbated for an hour until i remembered i didnt turn the oven on so then i did. happy! i got the rest of the gang to bring the rest of the food: cranberries (laced with heroin), pumpkin pie (laced with ecstacy), mashed potatoes (sprinkled w/ coke), green beans (laced with viagra), and salad (with SPECIAL cum dressing). it was so good. at 4, we all sat down 2 eat. this is we: deantonnii, mama, montez, fifi, jacky, todd, frankie m, joe millionaire, my big fat obnoxious fiancee, the kerrys, cassidy, bruce springsteen, the terror squad, grandmama, and grandpers. we all went around the tabel saying what we wuz thankful 4. i am thankful 4: chlamydia being curable, coconut flavored condoms, graphing calculators, and carbs. its been a CRAZY year!

i mean did you see me on the cover of DUB magazine??? YES? they wuz like here are sum free rims so i gots 13's on the cavalier, which by the way, goddamn montez wrekked in the back. he tried to run me over that P.O.S. anywayz i gotta run, the seinfeld special is oN! ttyl!

love and dave matthews
Current Mood: hornyhorny
Current Music: lifestyles of the rich and famous (fat joe battle version)

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