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January 8th, 2005

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01:44 am - i iznt dead!!
TEN random things about me:
10. i could only afford one tit implant so in my left boob, we stuck in a baggie filled wit grape jelly
9. my favorite kolor is c.r.e.a.m.
8. i read the bible daily
7. i anal daily
6. i had a threesum w fat joe and fat albert aka kenan from Kenan and kel oh and kel wuz there 2 so it wuz a 4sum
5. my idol iz mandy moore
4. i never graduated frum middle skool
3. i hold the world record for games of battle tetris on my Ti-83 plus oh and i sucked T.I. last nite too "bring em out' indeed
2. my children are my life except when im busy
1. i lost my virginity to scott baio aka chiachi from happy dayz but i was 7 and he wuz 24 so we dont talk bouts it

NINE ways to win my heart:
9. open to new positions
8. kinkiness
7. make me orgasm anally and orally
6. dont cum on my sheets
5. rub my back
4. give me a car or money or drugz
3. tell me i iz beautiful
2. Like my muzick
1. be good at finite math

EIGHT things i wanna do before i die:
8. chelsea clinton
7. teresa heinz kerry
6. get married (for $$)
5. playboy
4. hustler
3. penthouse
2. juggs
1. mature ladies

SEVEN things that annoy me:
7. boiz who wont do me cuz they have nasty girlfriendz
6. montez--- especially when he shits in the kitchen
5. that week between waxing
4. wind chimes!
3. george w bush's foreign and environmental policies
2. people who claim not 2 B kinky
1. gay boiz on coke who wont do me

SIX things i believe in
6. joe
5. ja
4. nipple clamps and they're pleasurable intentions
3. the santity of marriage
2. The Bible
1. Jesus Christ

FIVE things i am afraid of:
5. gonorrhea cummin back
4. god
3. getting frisked at the airport
2. boats
1. losing isaiah- oh wait thats halle berry not me

FOUR of my favorite items in my room
4. My jelly filled anal strap on
3. hello kitty tissue dispenser
2. my bible that ashton bought for me for my bday
1. autographed poster of J.T.T.

THREE things i do everyday:
3. pray
2. scream at those ungrateful, stupid, disgusting, ignorant ingrates aka my children!
1. masturbate

TWO things i want to do rite now:
2. make love to ted nugent--- he likes gunz!
1. get my rekord out!

ONE person i want to see rite now:
1. J.C. chasez and J.C hrist
Current Mood: hornyhorny
Current Music: my heart will go on- celine dion (terror squad 05 mix)

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