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this aint no kool aid in my cop gimme some of dat grey goose! - All But My Life...

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February 9th, 2005

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11:09 am - this aint no kool aid in my cop gimme some of dat grey goose!
Hey This B montez--- i cracked my mama's codes and passwords online in order to find out more bouts her. she be lyin her azz off bouts me! first off, i do NOT weigh 504 pounds and look like a piece of shit and she made up that mah dad iz kobe. itz obvious my dad is either deantonnnii or donald becuz im half white (or maybe albino). at least i aint maybe half dog like my sister fifi (cause you know her dod might be spot from the little rascalz).

anyway i actually weigh 495 but lizten my mom needs help. she keeps sayyin she gon' cop us a mansion but it aint happening! she aint even potty trained us! shes a sex addict and this is not a healthy environment for my sister to grow up in. i mean grandmama helps us and so does joe and so did pun before he died. pun even got mama a gastric bypass! yup she was a tank! nearing 300 now she is thin and a slut. im afraid just being in the same bath water as her will have me catchin her whatever she has that makes her cooter crusty,

NEWAYZ. i jus wanted 2 say there iz 2 sides to every story. sometimes i wish me and fifi were potty trained and went to skool but all in good time. its hard to have a mom whoz always in prison or the studio or da streetz but we cope. oh shit here she cums and she looks mad and that broom handle looks rilly wet. BYE! SEND MONEY, FOOD STAMPS, FOOD, WEED, BEER, ALKOHOL, GLUE, TENTS, RIMS, CALCULATORS, AND GAMEBOIZ. BYES!!!!!!!!!!

Current Mood: scaredscared of mama who is so horny
Current Music: take my breath away- jessica simpson

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