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March 2nd, 2005

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11:43 am - I iz soooooooo pissed ya'llz
Did u know i wuz up 4 a grammie?? me neither! until we lost and i wuznt even invited. how does that plastic WHORE kimberly get invited to dis shit?? we used 2 be friends back at Tech, we wuz both in the math and science magnet. well, for 3 mos. cause i dropped out freshman year to be a good mom. but anyway we uzed 2 clown and do triganometree and play paintball in the alleys. then she totally jacked my shit!! fuck you kimberly.

anywayz so last nite in was chillin wit the Game and he haz a nice land rover except the window that got shot out. and guess what?? he told me i could be in g unit! but then yesterday 50 kicked him out of g unit so i called lloyd banks and asked if i was still in and he laughed his ass off. i said fuck you lloyd. murder inc's lloyd is way better! when i said that he fend to get petty. 10 minutes later guess who shows up at my door other than young buck! why he try to beat the shit outta me?? i was mad. montez called the cops and they arrested ME!!! they said i was disturbin the peace. i was like naw i was SUPPOSED to be in g unit till they kicked me out with the Game im not in disturbing the peace with luda but one time i did give chingy a hand job behind In-N-Out burger.

anyway so they arrested me again and since i iz on probation they locked me up! mama (the black woman from Ghost) bailed me out but she wuz so mad! she took away my new car (nelly gave me the dodge magnum from his video with murphy lee). so now im at home again and mama told me to "think bouts what ive done." fuck you whoopi! you werent even very good in anything except the little rascals and corrina corrina! but i guess it did put food on the table. yo im out!!

peace, love, and the st lunatics

Current Mood: hornyhorny
Current Music: i'm so ronery- kim jong il

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Date:March 3rd, 2005 01:04 am (UTC)
haha you make me laugh every time

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