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ski rocketz in flite... wooo! afternoon deelite! - All But My Life...

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April 1st, 2005

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11:16 am - ski rocketz in flite... wooo! afternoon deelite!
Where are you?
on the back po'ch of p. diddy's hamptons estate

Where do you want to be?
in the back of Ja's C class

Who do you have with you now?
Montez and Mama and Deantonnii

Who do you want with you?
Dubya... he is dumb like me but we both is cute and have large genitalia

What do you want right now?
that vibrater i saw on sex an the city... the pocket monster or whatev

What are you getting right now?
my pussy eaten=== thanx donald!

Favorite hair color?
i shave

Favorite eye color?
i shave. oh eye i thought you said something else. um red

Favorite food?
coconut flavored lube

it's so smooth and comforting

Favorite place?
big p's gravesit R>I>P> eternal!

Favorite Color?
white...sparkeling white

Favorite shirt?
well either my old navy flag shirt frum 99 or my pasites which are rilly just double stuff oreo wiff sum glitter and scotch tape

Favorite pants?
jordache high waisted stone wash!

Favorite shoes?
man, i sho be barefut n preggres

Favorite song?
overture of 1812 OR fuck me for free- akinyele

Favorite person?
deantonie or sharon o (osbourne) or kelly, she is coo too but kinda big and not big in the good way i'm used to

Favorite personallity trait?
ready and willing

Most unfavorite personality trait?

Favorite class?
class? like low class or rich? shit i be bouts to cop a mansion

Favorite drink?

Favorite alcoholic drink?
i don't drink

Favorite line to get out of trouble?
i can give u whatever you can handle (FREEK A LEEK!) thanx petey

Favorite pick up line?
if u cum home wit me i sukka yo dicka 4 free!

Favorite thing to do?
see above

Favorite song to blast in your car?
mandy- rod stewart

Favorite name?

Favorite age?

Favorite nationality?

Favorite country?

Smartest person you know?
probably ja to be honest

Dumbest person you know?
kimberly! that whore is going to JAIL!

Hottest person you know?
john stamos

Weirdest person you know?
see above

Biggest dork you know?
the guy who plays urkle, we used to 'hang out' when we wuz kids

Biggest loser you know?
john stamos

Sluttiest person you know?

Most innocent person you know?
my dauter shit i forgot her name. oh right Fifi, i knew it was sumthin dog like

Number of ppl in your phone book?
shit like 500

Number of ppl you love?

Number of ppl who love you?
like 500

Number of things you've done illegally?
depends on the state

Number of ppl you like?

Number of ppl you've kissed?
girls: 929
guys: 930

Number of ppl youve seen naked?
a few

Number of countries you've been to?

Whats your weakness?

What turns you on?
ashlee s

What turns you off?
ryan cabrera;s hair... no not on top of his head

The last person who hit on you?
ryan cabrera

The last person you hit on?
ryan cabrera

The last thing you broke?
my glass dildo

The last thing you fixed?
the cavalier... sumbody shot it w. a paint gun. f you the cast of malcolm in da middle

The last memory you made?
this mornin- hey demi and ashton!

Last person you talked to?
the guy who does the commericals for the jewelry store at 96th st and hague road

The last person who died?
camilla RIP but she wuz no good

The last thing you ate?

The last time you laughed?
its been awhile

The last person you hung out with and had the best time?
honestly? james van der beek when we took a little canoe ride down the creek. oh shit that wasnt me it was that joey girl

The last time you got in trouble?
probably when i violated my probation!

Last thing you wished for?
anal beads

3 biggest fears right now?
montez wantin to go 2 college (he got a 1590 on his SATs and hes only um 12 i think... hes between 6 and 18 thats all i knows), my fake nails fallin off, the po-leece takin my weed

3 things you're excited about?
p. diddy's party, martha and me's reunion, kim goin 2 jail

3 biggest needs right now?
sex sex and sex!

1 thing your life needs
Current Mood: hornyhorny
Current Music: full house theme song (cuz i be watchin the dvds)

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